Thursday, 4 April 2013

Post Launch News

The timing of the launch of iSolicitor couldn’t have been better. From a year ago when I first created the concept I never dreamed the ever changing climate of the legal world would desperately need a web based law service such as iSolicitor. I always believed iSolicitor is the way forward in today’s age; but I never realised how essential it would be.

The timing of iSolicitor coincides with the legal aid cuts from 1st April 2013. Now more people than ever will find themselves in a difficult and stressful position of having to defend their own cases because they no longer qualify for legal aid and cannot afford a solicitor.  Now, people can deal with their own cases with much needed regulated professional legal guidance and assistance whenever needed. In the light of the legal aid cuts, the Law Society president announced law firms should consider ‘unbundling’ their services in order to survive.  This is essentially what iSolicitor is about. We sell chunks of our services at an affordable price.

I’m really thankful to all the people who have praised the idea and concept. Everyone seems in agreement that iSolicitor is the way forward. I also would like to thank +Dan Bindman of ‘Legal Futures’ for writing about us. Please check out his great article at:


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